Blue Lacustrus Rainbow Large

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Melanotaenia lacustris

Native Location: Papua New Guinea

Climate: Tropical

Maximum Size: 6cm

Temperament: Peaceful

Diet: Omnivore

Breeding: Moderate

Temperature Range: 21-26 (70-79)

Preferred pH Range: 7.0-8.5

Minimum Aquarium 120L for a group of 5-6 fish

Potential Tank mates: Pleco, Loaches, Dwarf cichlids and Tetras

Care Level: Easy

Rainbowfish are native to Australia, Papua New Guinea and parts of Indonesia, found in streams, rivers, lakes and swamps. These locations are filled with overhanging vegetation, which should be replicated in any home aquarium. Aquatic plants are a vital part of the Rainbowfish setup. Additionally, an aquarium with plenty of space to swim will allow the Blue Rainbowfish to beautifully dart around in their group, providing a beautiful display of colour and activity.

Despite their size, Rainbowfish have small mouths, meaning any smaller fish, such as neon tetras, are safe. The diet of the Blue Rainbowfish consists of almost anything it can find. They are not fussy. Offering a balanced diet of protein, krill, algae dry foods, and some live or frozen foods such as daphnia, or brine shrimp will promote natural colour development and keep your fish as healthy as possible.

*Product Photo is for reference only. Exact fish may vary in size and colour

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