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Black Vinyl Tubing

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Black Vinyl Tubing will help keep light from entering your plumbing like traditional clear tubing will. The black color also keeps things looking sharp and clean.


Black Vinyl Tubing is sold at 60cm (2ft) Just put in how many feet you need total, and we will send you a single piece that long. 

In most cases, any standard vinyl or silicone tubing will work just fine, but if you want your reef tank looking good, try the black vinyl tubing. The black tubing keeps light from entering while water is flowing through the tubing, keeping algae from forming inside of the tube and restricting flow over time, not to mention is just looks better too.

  • Thick Wall
  • Completely Black
  • No Algae Growth
  • Use Barb Fittings
  • 100% Reef Safe




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