Borneo Suckers

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Borneo suckers are a good addition to community aquariums, and an interesting oddity which is also a useful scavenger. As they prefer well-oxygenated water, their aquarium should be well aerated and have good water movement (e.g. power head/filter). A water temperature of 20 -25°C is preferable to maximise dissolved oxygen level, an important prerequisite for keeping this fish.

Name Borneo sucker
Other Names Dwarf Hillstream loaches, Hillsteam loaches, Butterfly loaches, or Sucker loaches
Scientific Name Gastromyzon punctulatus (Gastromyzon sp.)
Tank size (minimum) 40 liters
Keeping medium
Breeding Very difficult
Size up to 3 – 4 cm 
Optimal Temperature 18 °C – 25 °C 
Optimal PH 6.5 – 8.0 
Dwellers Bottom
Nitrate Less than 20
Diet Omnivore
Temperament Peaceful
Life span up to 4 years
Color Form brown, gray with white to yellow dots

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