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Seaside Aquatic's Ceramic Bio-Spheres are made up of thousands of little balls that are then glued together to make a single sphere. The method that is used to adhere the ceramic media together allows for ultra-high amounts of surface area on each individual ball. When the bio-spheres are added to your aquarium, the increased surface area will give bacteria more real estate to congregate on. The new technology used to create Seaside Aquatic's Bio-Spheres keeps the balls rock hard, but still very light and porous. 


A big key to having a successful aquarium is to have the proper amount of surface area available for bacteria to settle on. Many times we hear that you need 2 pounds of live rock per gallon for biological filtration, but seeing a beautiful and successful tank with that much rock is very rare. Well, how are they doing it? Many reefers are storing either additional live rock, which takes up a lot of room down in their sump, or they are using a product like Bio-Spheres. Bio-spheres can greatly help increase your reef tanks surface area, in a small compact package. 



Single Sphere Diameter- 31mm

Single Sphere Height - 28mm


Single Sphere Surface Area - 600ft2 approx.


What's Included?

1lb Ceramic Bio-Spheres (approx 20 spheres)

1x Mesh Bag



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