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Specialized filter media blend for rapid improvement of water quality.


By combining premium pelletized carbon with specialized ion-exchange resins and placing these inside of a fine-mesh nylon media bag, Chemi-Pure Blue delivers a convenient and effective way to rapidly remove organic compounds and improve water clarity in your aquarium. The premium-grade carbon and scavenging resins are able to effectively reduce dissolved wastes, odors, phenols, toxins, medications, and even phosphates and silicates. Another benefit of the reduction of dissolved organics in the water column is a natural increase in REDOX, allowing for more efficient breakdown of solid wastes in the aquarium. This will have a positive effect on coral and fish health, assist in maintaining system stability, and improve the overall appearance of your aquarium.



  • Now featuring QuickWash Carbon, a special 0.8mm extruded, pelletized activated carbon that has 30% more surface area than their original carbon
  • Carbon structure is harder and cleaner, reducing the potential of HLLE developing in your fish due to fine carbon dust particles
  • Contains two high-grade hybrid ion exchange resins targeted at removing dissolved organics


Four Sizes Available:

  • 22 gram Nano Pack (Treats up to 5 gallons)
  • 5.5 oz (Treats up to 50 gallons)
  • 11 oz (Treats up to 100 gallons)
  • 44 oz (Treats up to 300 gallons)


Directions: Keep Chemi-pure Blue sealed in container until ready for use. Rinse bag under running water for 5 to 10 seconds. Place bags into a high flow area of your reactor, sump, canister filter, or HOB filter. For best results, water should flow gently through the filter bag and media. Chemi-pure Blue should be changed every 2-4 months depending on bio-load. If more than one Chemi-pure Blue filter bag is used, change one at a time every week until all bags have been replaced.






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