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1 x Hammock per pack


Rinse surface dust off of ClamHammock by immersing it aquarium water and agitating until no more dust appears to fall from the piece; this will seed the piece with beneficial bacterioplankton. ClamHammock may be left in the aquarium until needed, to seed with nitrifiers and/or coralline algae. To successfully introduce a zooxanthellate clam to the ClamHammock, place the bivalve in the approximate center of the concave radius, flat-side down, in an area of low water flow and adequate illumination. The clam requires adequate time in this low energy environment to adhere to the ClamHammock, so resist temptation to move the clam for 5 days following this initial placement. When it is apparent that the clam has attached to the ClamHammock, then both may be moved by gently picking the ClamHammock (not picking both up by grasping the clam) up and moving it into the desired location.

While we make every effort to ensure that ClamHammock(s) will arrive undamaged, rough handling during shipping may occassionally result in breakage. Fortunately, the pieces may be easily repared with R.E.E.F.-Fuze FCA or another fast-drying, aquarium-safe adhesive, by applying a small amount of the adhesive to one of the two mating surfaces, then holding them together for a few seconds, or until the adhesive has set and the repair is durable. The growth of coralline algae over a previously-damaged ClamHammock will further solidify the structure.



Photo credit to Bulk Reef Supply

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