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Red Schedule 40 Pipe

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Single 24" Sticks of Colored PVC Pipe!

Make your plumbing look as good as your aquarium! One of the biggest tricks to making a beautiful reef tank is attention to detail, and that includes the plumbing in your cabinet. Colored PVC looks much better than traditional white PVC, and our colored PVC does not have any writing on the side keeping it super clean. Pair colored PVC with white or grey fittings for an awesome two-tone look that will impress. 

  • Pipe is clean and free of any text
  • More professional than standard white PVC
  • Leak and worry-free connections*
  • Compatible with Schedule 80 PVC pipe & fittings
  • Color your plumbing to match your sump
  • Shorter pipe sections are easier to mock up


PVC pipe does need to be glued (cemented) into place to make a leak-free seal. 





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