Dragonblood Peacock Cichlid

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These fish are very popular among aquarium keepers and are always in high demand. Dragon blood males develop deep colors once they mature with no 2 exactly the same. The males can vary in color from yellow to rich red.

Peacocks are omnivores – in the wild they feed on small crustaceans, algae and cichlid fry. In the aquarium provide them a high quality cichlid pellet or flake (this should contain an adequate amount of yellow carotene pigments.) Most of their natural diet is meat based so ensure you also feed peacocks some frozen brine shrimp or frozen bloodworms periodically.

  • Species - Dragonblood Peacock
  • Common Name - Dragonblood
  • Origin - Man Made (African Cichlid)
  • Diet - Omnivore
  • PH Range - Alkaline 24°c - 28°c
  • Water Type - Hard
  • Tempreature - Tropical 24 - 28
  • Breed Type - Mouthbrooder
  • Size - 4-5cm
  • Sex - Unsexed

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