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The Aulonocara SP. OB Peacock is a very popular species of peacock cichlid. It is however NOT native to the waters of Lake Malawi.  The OB Marbled Peacock is rather a hybrid species of cichlid. Bred by crossing a male species of Aulonocara with an OB female Mbuna, many variants of the OB peacock have now been introduced into the hobby.

The amazing thing about OB or otherwise know as Marbled Peacocks is that no 2 are the same. Each male will colour up different from the next. OB Marbled Peacocks are a must for any African cichlid display.

OB Peacock cichlids are fairly mild-mannered Lake Malawi cichlids. For the most part, they will coexist peacefully with other mild-mannered peacock and haplochromis. However, a dominant male may show increased aggression levels towards other male Peacocks

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