Otocinclus Suckers

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Otocinclus Catfish is a very peaceful fish with a huge appetite for algae. They are also known for pacific temperament and excellent cleaning skills. Although Otocinclus might seem a perfect member of the algae-eating team and clean-up crew, there is a little more to its care than that. These small catfish require some pretty specific care, especially for a new tank.

It is pretty understandable that these cute little fish can charm anybody

Name Otocinclus Catfish
Other Names Otos, Ottos, Dwarf suckers, Oto cat, Dwarf Suckermouth, Dwarf Sucking Catfish, and Midget Sucker Fish
Scientific Name Otocinclus sp.
Tank size (minimum) 40 liters
Keeping Medium
Breeding Difficult
Size 4 – 5 cm 
Optimal Temperature 23 – 27 °C 
Optimal PH 6.5 – 7.5 
Optimal KH 3 – 10
Dwellers Mid and bottom
Nitrate Less than 20
Diet Algae eater / herbivore
Temperament Peaceful
Life span up to 7 years
Color Form Olive-brown, black and white


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