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New Zealand made 

parasite X is a comprehensive fish dewormer and gets rid of most external and internal parasites.

It is simple to use and safe, kills numerous internal worms, fluke and even Hydra!

It has been extensively tested on a large number of fish including Corys, loaches, chiclids and discus with no side effects.

May be used with fry from 3 weeks old.

Manufactured by a licensed Veterinarian simply treat every 4-6 weeks.

Remove all carbon from system during treatment, recommend 25% water change on day 3

A second treatment is recommended on day 7 on infected tanks alternatively it is recommended to treat your tank every month to ensure optimal health of your fish and to eradicate parasites.

Safe to use on planted tanks

Caution can kill snails!

 Available in premeasured powder to treat 100 liters or premeasured for 1000 liters with a measurement scoop. Please note each scoop treats

 100 liters.

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