Pictus Catfish

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The Pictus Catfish is a memeber of the antenna catfish group and usually has a pale to gray body with a black spotted pattern. The pectoral fins are serrated, so it is recommended that a glass bowl or cup be used to capture the fish rather than a net.

As one of the more peaceful fish that adds beauty to your aquarium, the Pictus Catfish can be housed with any soft water tank mate. Care should be taken when adding small fish to the aquarium as they may become prey to the Pictus Cat if they are able to fit them in their mouth. Tanks with dim light that are heavily planted are ideal for this fish. Rocks, caves, and driftwood also aid in providing an optimal environment for the Pictus Catfish. In the wild, this fish grows a bit larger than in the aquarium setting, but a minimum of 70 gallons is recommended for proper housing.

These fish are an egg-laying catfish that are very difficult to breed in an aquarium setting.

The Pictus Catfish will feed on left over flake food that accumulates at the bottom of the tank. In addition, small live food and sinking catfish pellet food should be provided for complete nutrition.

Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Colour Form: Black, White
Diet: Omnivore
Max Size: 13cm
Origin: South America
Family: Pimelodidae
Tank Size: 250L
Temperature: 24-28c
pH: 7.0-7.5

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